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Why Career& Success?

The Company

We aim to capture a complete overview of individual strengths, weaknesses, talents, interests, and areas for development, through psychometric assessments and individualised support, in order to aid students in charting an optimal career path and attaining their full potential.

Our Mission

We help students discover their interest and suggest highly demanded careers with the help of certified career counsellors.

Our Vision

To create a supportive ecosystem for students to help them navigate through any stage of their career

Our Services

Where your talents lieKnow about your STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES and your area of interest before you make a definitive choice is very important. It helps you take an informed decision and we are here to help you using our certified psychometric tests. Need of the worldGet all that in ‘ KNOW YOURSELF’ along with 1 couselling session with our accredited career counsellors. They are here to help you find your path to success.Vocations to exploreGet all that in ‘KNOW YOURSELF’ and unlimited counselling sessions with our certified career counsellors. Get hand in hand support until you explore all the possible career options and make a choice.

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What do you do?


We help students in class IX & X to select a suitable stream that resonates with their aptitude and interest. Our counsellors will introduce you to all the possible career opportunities.
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We strive to guide the students to the right career path to reach their destination. Our Career Counsellors help the students to choose the best from a variety of career choices.
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Deciding what to do after completing college can sometimes be difficult. Our Career Counsellors  are here to help you clear all your confusions & doubts and show you a clear picture
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Completing post graduation and moving on to the next stage can be a little overwhelming. You might experience confusion but don’t you worry, our counsellors are here to rescue you.

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